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Health care billing solutions

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Aggressive Denial Management

BrightDrive’s expert team of denial management providers are highly trained in working with, negotiating, and navigating the complexities of the insurance system. The collection process in the multi-function laboratory space is one of the most complex in healthcare today. Laboratories across the county report that they are experiencing some of the highest denial rates in the health care industry. However, this is where BrightDrive HCS shines. By outsourcing your denial management services to BrightDrive HCS, you will eliminate the burden of this critical function from your staff and allow full focus on other more value-added areas of your organization. Let their experts manage your follow up, making all the difference between realizing your revenue or writing it off.

Insurance Credentialing

Completing multi-state credentialing can be an overly complex process to successfully facilitate. BrightDrive HCS experts will work hard to more In-Network results and take on 100% of this responsibility for our lab partners.

Insurance Contracting

BrightDrive HCS will negotiate payer contracts to ensure the highest possible reimbursement rates for their customers.


Let BrightDrive HCS manage the enrollment process and see results faster.

Innovative Business Development Strategies

Ask us how you can drive revenue growth in your facility.

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