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HealthLogic Pharmacy

HealthLOGIC Pharmacy offers a unique Topicals Program that gives providers alternative therapy options to treat patients. Topical therapies often provide a strong clinical benefit with fewer side effects when compared to narcotics and traditional oral therapies.

Their comprehensive program is focused on supporting the needs of providers in our most common specialties. These specialties include but are not limited to orthopedics, pain management, internal medicine, podiatry, and dermatology.


  • HealthLOGIC Pharmacy dispenses FDA-approved products, medications, with most classified in the generic category.


  • High coverage rates with most major insurance companies, including Medicare.


  • The average copay is $7, with affordable cash pay options when insurance does not cover prescribed medication.


  • Easy and convenient for doctors and their staff to fax prescriptions to the pharmacy.


  • Capability to prescribe electronically.


Cost Advocacy

HealthLOGIC Pharmacy is committed to working with each patient to ensure that the cost of their medication does not cause financial hardship. Methods of cost advocacy include the use of co-payment coupons, utilizing generic manufacturers, and low-cost, self-pay medications.


Superior Customer Service

  • EVERY PATIENT RECEIVES A PHONE CALL. Patients should expect to receive a call within 24-48 hours of the prescription submittal.


  • CURBSIDE PICK-UP, HOME DELIVERY SHIPPING. You choose which option best fits your schedule. Shipping available for patients located in states in which HealthLOGIC is licensed.


  • PHARMACIST CONSULTATIONS AVAILABLE. Pharmacist consultations are available to both patients and providers upon request.


Daily Pills
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